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Antique and vintage rug restoration

The care and maintenance of antique and vintage floor coverings is done with care, experience and precision with Carpet Care Services. Serving NYC and the surrounding areas with distinction and top-notch service, Carpet Care Services is standing by to bring your Antique and Vintage carpets and rugs back to life using the best materials and techniques in the industry. We offer general cleaning, repairs, restorations and maintenance for all your floor covering and upholstery needs. Please call 718-925-2387 for an appraisal and restore the beauty of your floor coverings today!


Specialized Floor Covering Care

Spring is in the air and Winter is drawing to a close at last! Take your spring cleaning to the next level with Carpet Care Services. We restore vintage and antique rugs and carpets to their luster, as well as offering cleaning and restoration services for all of your floor coverings; turning back the clock and bringing your floor coverings back to life again. Using the right products, materials and expertise is critical in ensuring proper care for your carpets and rugs, especially antique or vintage pieces. Our expertise is unparalleled, and we use the best materials and techniques available to ensure your pieces are restored and maintained for generations to come. Whether it be stain removal, restoration and repairs or general cleaning, Carpet Care Services is ready to deliver top quality results along with exceptional service and support.

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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Especially as winter draws to a close, a good deep clean of your carpets and upholstery is recommended. Remove stains, odors and refresh the texture of your carpets quickly and easily with our full-service carpet care options. We have services available for every square foot of your home or business, done expertly by our floor care specialists. We specialize in caring for hard to reach areas, stairs, high traffic areas, stains, damage and odor removal. Our customers are often surprised at how much of a difference our team can make in a matter of minutes! It's easy to get an estimate and we are quick to tackle the job, no matter if it's just a regular cleaning or a full restoration. Remember, it's ideal to have your carpets cleaned thoroughly every 12-18 months, especially if you have pets!

Carpet and Rug Repair

Don't worry, we've seen everything from burns to wine spills! Whatever your damage, we've got the team, the tools and the products to restore and repair even the most challenging situations. Holes, frays, tears and heavy staining is our specialty! It's essential that these issues are addressed by experienced professionals who use the proper methods to correct them, and our team is carefully trained to ensure their expertise is top-notch, friendly and ready to answer your questions. If you've got damage or repairs that are needed, make it easy for yourself AND your carpets; call us for help!


Upholstery and Drapery Services

When giving your house a clean start, don't forget a good deep clean of your upholstery and drapery. We are experts in our field and have experience with a variety of fabrics, textures, colors and angles to ensure your upholstery isn't just clean and odor free but done properly to ensure longevity as well. Start spring FRESH with a deep clean of your home from top to bottom and feel how NEW your home can feel when our team works their magic!

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We have the team, tools and products to bring your carpets and upholstery back to life. Pieces and covering with any damage can be beautifully restored to provide you with enjoyment and comfort for years to come. Start spring with a fresh home and let our experts attend to every detail with a free, no-hassle quote by calling 718-925-2387.